Acrylic Products Manufacturers

Founded in 2011, as a professional acrylic product manufacturer and factory, Zhejiang Leasinder Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the production of various acrylic products, including storage boxes, acrylic partitions, photo frames, trays, masks, decorative wall mirrors, etc. Wholesale acrylic products, and always insist on quality first, customer satisfaction as the highest purpose, sincerely welcome you to visit and negotiate.

1. With crystal-like transparency, good light transmittance, up to 92%
2. Excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance
3. Good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and will not cause yellowing and hydrolysis due to years of sun and rain
4. Flammability: not spontaneously combustible but flammable, not self-extinguishing
5. Easy to maintain and easy to clean