What should I pay attention to when using acrylic light guide plate?

At present, acrylic light guide plates are particularly widely used in the Chinese market, especially in hypermarkets and a series of environments, and they play an important product set off and display function. In the application of this kind of acrylic light guide plate, if you want to play a stable light guide effect, add color to the product and increase the attractiveness of the product, you need to master a reasonable way to maintain this kind of acrylic light guide plate material. The application precautions of light board materials are briefly described for everyone.
1. Use reasonable cleaning methods and stable solvent products
In the current cleaning and treatment of acrylic light guide plates, soapy water and soft cloth can be used for wiping. The cost-effective acrylic light guide plates need to be cleaned in a gentle way to ensure their light guide properties and surface smoothness. Get better maintenance, so in the daily application of the acrylic light guide plate, avoid contact with organic solvents and gently wipe, so that the acrylic light guide plate maintains a stable and reliable light guide quality.
2. Maintenance during installation and processing
Avoid scratching the surface protective film during transportation, and it is necessary to pay more attention to the scratching problem of this kind of acrylic light guide plate in practical applications. Consider the thermal expansion coefficient of this material during installation, and leave enough space for expansion and contraction. In order to ensure a stable application life of this acrylic light guide plate in subsequent installations, it can also avoid various damages caused by environmental influences, so that this cost-effective acrylic light guide plate can exert better quality, and Avoid damage caused by external factors.
Just like the above content, it can be found that the application of acrylic light guide plate needs to understand the basic needs of its installation and the characteristics of the product itself. In the actual application, ensure that the acrylic light guide plate is in a suitable environment and carry out reliable protection, so that this quality-guaranteed acrylic light guide plate can be used for beautiful use, with its stable cleaning ability and better The maintenance effect improves the application value and light guide quality of the acrylic light guide plate.
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