What should be avoided when using anti-glare acrylic sheet?

The development momentum of anti-glare acrylic sheet has been relatively rapid in recent years, all due to its high quality and comprehensive performance, which is reflected in the new reference price of anti-glare acrylic sheet. Ordinary consumers pay more attention to the choice of anti-glare acrylic sheet. After all, the quality of the anti-glare acrylic sheet is directly related to the subsequent use effect. In addition to focusing on the key purchase stage, attention should also be paid to the process of using anti-glare acrylic sheet. , Need to avoid the three major issues summarized below. 1. Avoid contact between acrylic board and organic solution
The use of anti-glare acrylic sheet should avoid its contact with organic solution. Sales personnel will make clear about this content and prohibit the coexistence of acrylic sheet and organic solution. In addition, in the process of installation or transportation, the organic solution on the site or nearby should be cleaned out in advance, and then continue to complete the use of acrylic sheets.
2. Avoid tearing the protective film on the surface before formal use
The use of anti-glare acrylic sheets should avoid premature peeling of the protective film, especially when batches of acrylic sheets are transported uniformly, the integrity of the protective film must be ensured. Only before the formal use can the protective film of the acrylic sheet be removed. Some consumers will tear the protective film when checking the quality. This action is absolutely inevitable.
3. Use cotton cloth with a certain degree of moisture to clean up floating dust
The use of anti-glare acrylic sheet should avoid the strong wipe of dry cotton cloth. Since acrylic sheet is more sensitive to hard objects, repeated wiping of dry cotton cloth will also leave scratches. If you want to deal with the floating dust before use, you should use a cotton cloth with a higher moisture content to clean it, so as to ensure that the surface of the acrylic board is not damaged.
The use of anti-glare acrylic sheet should avoid the three issues mentioned above. This part of the content is also a part that users easily ignore. In order to maintain a long service life of the anti-glare acrylic sheet, this part of the content should be familiar with. . Only the correct method of use can ensure the performance of the acrylic sheet, and it is hoped that consumers can avoid inappropriate behavior.
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