What are the selling points of anti-glare acrylic sheet?

Anti-glare acrylic sheet is a common building material, which can be called an upgraded category of plexiglass. Compared with the cost standard that ordinary glass needs to pay, the price of anti-glare acrylic sheet is favorable, so it is sought after by consumers once it comes out. For customers who are interested in buying, it is not enough to pay attention to the price of anti-glare acrylic sheet. It is also necessary to have a deep understanding of its performance and use. The following will give a detailed description of the selling points of anti-glare acrylic sheet. Elaboration.
1. High level of impact resistance against external factors
The selling point of anti-glare acrylic sheet includes strong impact resistance. Because it is often installed on the surface of a building, it is inevitable that you will encounter changeable weather conditions. Substances such as hail will directly collide with the acrylic sheet. The specially treated acrylic sheet will not crack or be damaged on the surface due to the action of external force.
2. The lower weight relieves the load on the installation part
The selling points of anti-glare acrylic sheet include lower weight. Although acrylic sheet is several times stronger than ordinary glass, its weight is less than two-thirds of ordinary glass. In this way, even if it is installed outside the building in batches, it will not cause excessive load on the building itself, which significantly reduces the bearing capacity of the installation site.
3. The maintenance and cleaning work involved in the follow-up is simple and easy
The selling point of the anti-glare acrylic sheet also includes the ease of cleaning. The dust on the surface can be wiped gently with a rag, and the stains that are not easy to clean can be cleaned with ordinary detergent. Unlike the traditional glass installed in daily life, rags of different materials are needed to avoid the formation of water stains.
The selling points of the anti-glare acrylic sheet are shown in the above three aspects, reflecting the reasons for the popularity of the product from the side. In addition, the anti-glare acrylic sheet can be manufactured into various types of shapes, and the service life is relatively long. . Consumers who have experienced this type of product can easily understand the characteristics and advantages of acrylic sheets.