What are the obvious advantages of Zhejiang leasinder acrylic sheet?

Acrylic sheet is a specially treated plexiglass. It is a traditional decoration material with a history of hundreds of years. Especially in the production of outdoor advertising light boxes, it is a very widely used light box panel material, which can take into account the daytime and Advertising effect at night. At present, there are many acrylic panels in the market. Let's briefly introduce the obvious advantages of Zhejiang leasinder acrylic panels.
1. Stronger light transmittance
Acrylic panels, a good advertising light box product, need to project the light inside the light box when used as a display panel to form a good advertising effect. Therefore, the light transmittance of professionally supplied Zhejiang leasinder acrylic sheet is an important criterion to measure its quality. The acrylic sheet produced by Zhejiang leasinder acrylic sheet manufacturer has more transparent light transmittance among similar products, and it has received more users. The choice and favor.
2. Better abrasion resistance
Good durability Zhejiang leasinder acrylic sheets usually need to be used in outdoor environments, so good abrasion resistance has become an important criterion for customers to choose this product. The acrylic panels produced by Zhejiang leasinder acrylic panel manufacturers are extremely prominent in terms of raw material selection and production technology, so that the acrylic panels produced have higher strength and better wear resistance, and can be used for a long time in harsh outdoor environments. Without quality problems.
3. Excellent processability
At present, the panels produced by Zhejiang leasinder acrylic board manufacturers often need to be processed again after being purchased by users in order to make a suitable advertising light box. Therefore, Zhejiang leasinder acrylic board manufacturers attach great importance to the ease of processing of the products. The panel has excellent processability characteristics and is an extremely suitable acrylic product for users who need subsequent processing.
Acrylic products currently play an extremely important role in the production of many billboards, light boxes and other products, and have brought excellent results to the advertising of businesses and have been welcomed by many customers. Generally, the acrylic sheets produced by Zhejiang leasinder acrylic sheet manufacturers have obvious advantages such as stronger light transmission, better wear resistance and better processability.
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