What are the disadvantages of acrylic sheet and what should be paid attention to when processing

Although acrylic sheet has many advantages, it also has its own shortcomings. Only when we fully understand the shortcomings of acrylic sheet, and avoid these shortcomings when processing and using, can we maximize the role of acrylic sheet and improve economic benefits. The following editor will tell you what are the shortcomings of acrylic sheet and what to pay attention to when processing
Disadvantages of acrylic sheet
1. It is not abrasion-resistant, and scratches are easily scratched on its surface;
2. Do not come into contact with organic solvents, for example, alcohol will make acrylic sticky;
3. Acrylic sheets produced by general techniques and materials are not heat resistant.
Daily precautions for acrylic processing and use:
1. Acrylic sheets cannot be stored in the same place with other organic solvents, and cannot be in contact with organic solvents;
2. Do not scratch the surface protective film or protective paper;
3. Generally, the applicable temperature of acrylic sheet should not exceed 85℃;
4. When cleaning the acrylic sheet, only 1% soapy water is required. Use a soft cotton cloth dipped in soapy water or use a professional acrylic cleaner such as glass water. Do not wipe dry;
5. Acrylic sheet has a large thermal expansion coefficient. This factor should be considered in the process of processing products to reserve gaps for the products.