What are the advantages of imported acrylic board products

Acrylic board products are a kind of building materials made of special plastics. The products have the characteristics of abrasion resistance and high strength, and have a high degree of popularity in the building materials and plastic products market. Since imported acrylic sheet products originate from regions with advanced technology, the attributes of imported acrylic sheet products have been greatly improved compared with domestic products. So what are the significant advantages of imported acrylic sheets that are trusted and supported by customers but have a higher price than those in the Mainland?
1. Product stability is better
Acrylic products are mainly used in the field of building materials, so customers have extremely high requirements for the stability of acrylic sheet products. Although the current production technology of acrylic products in the Mainland has also been greatly improved, it is still relatively advanced compared to imported acrylic sheet products. There are certain shortcomings, usually imported acrylic products have better stability and service life, which is of more important significance for the decoration of some high-end places.
2. The product is stronger and tougher
The reason why many customers choose imported acrylic sheet products is mainly because imported acrylic sheet products are added with special toughening and plasticizing additives during the production process, so that the imported acrylic sheet products produced have better strength and toughness, whether it is used Whether it is used for house decoration and building materials or used to make other plastic containers, it has higher use value.
Third, the product has stronger wear resistance
Abrasion resistance itself is the main advantage of acrylic products, and imported acrylic products with guaranteed quality are more advanced in production technology, and the abrasion resistance of acrylic products produced is even higher, compared with similar acrylic products in the Mainland , Imported acrylic sheet products can withstand higher-strength friction, and the gloss and shape of the exterior will basically not change.
At present, imported acrylic sheet products still have many advantages compared with mainland acrylic products, but with the improvement of mainland production technology, it is believed that such advantages will not be maintained for too long. On the whole, imported acrylic sheet products not only have better stability in use, but the toughness and wear resistance of the products are also significantly higher than those of mainland acrylic products.