The difference between acrylic sheet and plexiglass

1. Acrylic sheet and plexiglass are actually one material, just two different names. Plexiglass is actually translated according to the name of the product "orglas", in fact it is pmma sheet, called acrylic sheet. Some friends will mistakenly think that the transparent plastic plate is plexiglass, in order to avoid confusion and wrong text shield, so its name is acrylic plate, pmma material is also called acrylic or acrylic by us.
2. The molecular weight of plexiglass cast plates is higher, so these products have better rigidity and crack resistance, and are often used for processing large signs. In addition to this cast plate, it is also widely used in the production of small batches of different color plates. The extruded sheet has low molecular weight and high flexibility, and is suitable for vacuum forming. Extruded sheets allow better control of sheet thickness, making it easier to produce large quantities of single-color sheets.
3.Acrylic plates can be divided into pure transparent plates, colored transparent plates, translucent plates (such as milky white plates) and opaque plates (such as color plates) according to the transmittance, and can be divided into high-gloss plates, silk plates and light reflectors according to the surface gloss (also known as scrubbing board), according to the characteristics, the acrylic board can also be divided into flame retardant board and high wear-resistant board, etc.
4. Acrylic is a good new material to make sanitary ware after ceramic. As a special type of plexiglass, it is also used in aircraft windshields and has been used for decades in harsh environments.
5. Acrylic production of basins, bathtubs and toilets is not only beautiful in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly, and its radiation is similar to the human body's own bone radiation. Acrylic sanitary ware appeared early in the United States. At present, it has occupied a large number of markets and is widely used in many places.