What are the acrylic sheets?

The acrylic sheet refracts and diffracts the light source at a certain angle through the pit patterns on the surface, which can effectively convert the LED point light source or fluorescent tube into a line light source. lighting,
Acrylic boards are also suitable for decorative walls, etc.; the simple and delicate texture highlights the high-grade connotation of the checkered board with its own aura, the touch is beautiful and full of warmth, each set of textures is permeated with vitality, and the checkered board is born with The texture and texture have become the new favorite of home building materials. In recent years, the surrounding small pieces of patterned boards have quietly become popular. They are also very fresh and refined, and have become a popular printing element. A good checkerboard is clear and natural, and extremely ornamental.
There are roughly four kinds of common acrylic sheets if they are classified according to their shapes, colorless and transparent acrylic, colored and transparent acrylic, pearlescent acrylic, and embossed acrylic. Colored and transparent acrylic is commonly known as color plate, which is softer than light transmittance. Not as good as pearl acrylic in gloss. It can be made into various products such as light boxes, handicrafts, lamps, etc., which are comfortable, elegant, beautiful and practical. Pearlescent acrylic is made by mixing pearlescent powder or phosphor powder into general acrylic. It has bright color and high surface finish. After the outer form is hot-pressed by the mold, even if it is ground and polished, it still maintains the embossed pattern, forming a unique artistic effect manufactured.