Two kinds of hot bending treatment of acrylic products

One of the reasons why acrylic products are loved by people is because of the diversification of shapes, which are processed by hot bending of acrylic sheets. In the hot bending process, according to the different needs of the shape, the hot bending method is also different. The following editor will introduce the hot bending processing paradigm of acrylic products.
1. Overall hot bending
The overall hot bending is generally done by machine hot bending and baking. The acrylic sheet is placed in the mold to be formed, stacked together and placed in the oven, aligned with the position, and then supervised by humans. In this way, the acrylic sheet will change with the temperature. rising and gradually softening. Wait for a few minutes or a few seconds, and stick to the mold, which is to control the temperature of the oven and not rise too high. Then take it out to cool, and it is the acrylic product of the desired shape. Nowadays, many industries use acrylic materials to make products, such as hotel supplies, display racks in shopping malls, acrylic sheets for decoration and so on.
2. Local hot bending
Partial hot bending is the hot bending of the acrylic sheet into a right angle to make a smooth arc, which is the most widely used method in the processing of acrylic products. Cut a piece of acrylic sheet and use a high temperature die bar to heat-melt the acrylic edge to be bent.
Under normal circumstances, the hot bending temperature of 2-4cm sheet is 80-90 degrees; the extruded sheet is used for absorbing plastic, and the hot bending temperature is controlled at 130-135 degrees; the casting plate can be hot bent at 140-145 degrees. The number of times of returning to the furnace is within 2-3 times. In addition, the length of the hot bending should not be too long. If the plate is too thick, it needs to be softened in the oven to open the mold before hot bending. When the plate above 5cm is hot bent, a micro groove should be opened to prevent bursting.
The above are two ways of hot bending treatment of acrylic products. Acrylic products will be softer after hot bending, and the shape will be more varied. After hot bending, there will be no seams, smooth shape, beautiful vision, and will not deform or break for a long time. It is widely loved by people, so many acrylic products now need to be subjected to hot bending treatment in the production.