How to deal with the aging of the acrylic sheet box?

How do acrylic sheet manufacturers deal with the aging problem of acrylic cartons? With the wide application of plexiglass boxes, plexiglass and plexiglass materials have been widely recognized. People are beginning to realize that this new type of plastic material brings us great speed and fragility, making people choose good transparent materials instead of jacquard materials.
We often talk about the benefits of pmma. Today we will also discuss the pitfalls of pmma. Look at the data from a different point of view. So, there are many aspects in the application of plexiglass, how should we deal with it when it reaches a certain stage of aging?
From the perspective of the development of acrylic and plexiglass materials, foreign technology is earlier than my country's, and the technology is relatively sophisticated. So how do they cope with aging? First, the plexiglass wires are divided into the following categories according to the composition of the acrylic:
1. The amount of oil, as well as its melting point and softening point, are different. The resin can be extracted with current skills, and it can be used perfectly. Of course, it will not cause damage to the atmospheric environment and land resources. However, at present, there are still problems of low precision, high cost and low power in artificial material selection in my country. In order to reduce the loss caused by depreciation and make full use of resources, the pre-classification of plexiglass should be done well.
2. The second is incineration and landfill. This phenomenon is very common in my country and can be used abroad, but in China, it is not applicable to incineration and landfill, environmental pollution, waste of land resources, etc. Increase the cost of later social governance. Therefore, before that, the most important thing for us is to do a good job of classification, which is not only conducive to saving costs, but also our personal responsibility.
3. Production process: use waste plexiglass