Four precautions after processing acrylic products


Acrylic products are processed by using plastic materials, and then adding some auxiliary materials, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other materials, and then processed, and have good use value. It has a wide range of uses and is now a more frequently used product. The application industries are: construction industry, advertising industry, transportation, medicine, industry, lighting, home furnishing and other related industries. The following editor will introduce you to the four major precautions after processing acrylic products.
1. The thermal deformation stability of ordinary acrylic products is about 100 degrees. When using acrylic products, pay attention to this temperature value. The temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees during continuous use.
2. The hardness of the finished surface of the customized acrylic sheet products is equivalent to that of aluminum. Care should be taken to avoid scratches on the surface when using or processing acrylic. If scratched, the original glossy surface can be restored by polishing.
3. If the acrylic products are blurred or unclean due to slight scratches or adsorption of dust generated by static electricity, you can use 1% soapy water to wipe them clean with a soft cloth.
4. When assembling acrylic products, it should be noted that the acrylic sheet has a certain expansion coefficient, and the thermal expansion and contraction factors of the acrylic sheet must be considered, and there must be a space for expansion and contraction during assembly.