What are the advantages of acrylic signs? Which industries are generally applicable?


What are the advantages of acrylic signboard? First of all, we should start from its raw materials. Acrylic materials have high transparency, good hardness, good processing performance, cutting modeling, carving, hot bending, silk screen printing, oil spraying, sand blasting, and more importantly, the surface decoration effect can be achieved.


Acrylic logo is only one of the products of acrylic, but it is applicable to a wide range of industries. Among them, there are: real estate logo, hospital logo, school logo, institution logo, hotel logo, shopping mall logo and so on. Even every public place can see acrylic logo. The reason why it is so popular with the market is that acrylic logo can be used according to your different category, environment, color, style and creativity Can be through silk screen printing or painting to provide you with any acrylic logo customization. And the appearance is exquisite and transparent, whether it is indoor or outdoor, whether it is the wind or rain hit, do not fade, do not decolorize, the same brand new.